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This research is conducted by Goodwin Simon Strategic Research and  Wonder: Strategies for Good with support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Goodwin Simon Strategic Research (GSSR) is an independent public opinion research firm with expertise in conducting qualitative and quantitative research on emotionally and socially complex issues. GSSR’s cutting-edge approach is built on decades of experience in polling, marketing research, policy analysis, and communications strategy. The firm uses a unique methodology rooted in neuroscience, emotion, psychology, cognitive linguistics, and narrative theory to unpack underlying attitudes and emotional reactions that impact behavior and decision-making. GSSR has employed this approach to develop effective messaging and narrative frameworks that enable deep attitudinal change and equip advocates to accelerate positive social and policy change on major issues affecting our nation and the world.

Wonder: Strategies for Good (Wonder)  is a social change communications firm with expertise in messaging, storytelling, psychology, and public opinion research. Wonder believes that curiosity and smart research can create amazing, breakthrough moments to make the world a better place. Wonder uses audience insights to develop messaging and storytelling strategies that shape attitudes, shift narratives, and influence the behavior of target audiences. Wonder strategists have partnered with change-makers to make progress on some of the most pressing issues of the day — from advancing the freedom to marry for same-sex couples to making medical aid-in-dying a legal option for terminally ill people.

Advisory Group

The Math Narrative Project was conducted in collaboration with advisors who have expertise in math pedagogy, adolescent development, math identity formation, media, learning sciences, and educational psychology. Advisors provided feedback on research tools, messaging materials, and research findings, and informed the direction and understanding of the research in every phase. We want to especially acknowledge Dr. Jalisha Jenifer, who not only served as an advisor but also conducted the project literature review on identity formation and the role of narratives, math mindset, and mindset interventions.

  • Dr. Kyndall Brown

    Executive Director, California Mathematics Project

  • Grace Doramus

    Chief Innovation Officer, Beyond100K

  • Sergio Estrada

    Science Design Fellow &
    Co-lead Facilitator, FUSE

  • Dr. Knatokie Ford

    Founder & CEO, Fly Sci Enterprise

  • Dr. Jalisha Jenifer

    Associate Director of Faculty Development, Columbia University School of Professional Studies

  • Dr. Avi Kaplan

    Professor of Educational Psychology, Temple University

  • Dave Paunesku

    Co-Founder & Executive Director, PERTS

  • Tawanna Rowe

    Algebra Teacher, Crystal Lake Middle School (Broward County, Florida)

  • Dr. Maria del Rosario Zavala

    Associate Professor of Elementary Education, San Francisco State University

Youth Advisory Panel

The Math Narrative Project benefited from the guidance and participation of a Youth Advisory Panel (YAP). YAPs are part of a youth fellowship program at BUILD, which helps empower young people as changemakers and CEOs of their own lives.

For this project, YAP members received training in the research methodologies used for the project, and support from BUILD staff members Tiffani Hutton, Lydia Phillips, and Cindy Pineda. YAP members contributed to shaping research tools, developed test messages with the research team, and shared their personal stories about learning math. Their participation in this project was invaluable.

  • Franciliana Barbosa

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Eddie Chable

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Aury Fernandez

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Lourdes Hernandez

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Mehrin Maisha

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Norma Martinez

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Monique McLean

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Alejandra Ochoa

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Marianny Solis

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow

  • Judith Vasquez

    BUILD Youth Advisory Fellow